The Funhouse Commons is the short name for The Funhouse Children’s Discovery Center of Orcas Island, Washington.

Founded by local activists in the Spring of 1999, The Funhouse Commons is a not-for-profit community center that fosters fun and learning with dozens of hands-on kid-friendly science exhibits, a computer lab, complete audio and video production studios, a library of educational films and documentaries, facilities for classes and meetings, clubs, and much, much more.

Most importantly, The Funhouse Commons is a critical safety net for the youth of Orcas Island–and by extension their families.

We provide extensive mentoring programs, after-school programs, teen programs and, in partnership with the Orcas Island School District, education and college preparation programs.

The Funhouse Commons is the only place on Orcas that provides these services, focusing on the well-being of kids from 7-18 years old.

In fact, since we opened the doors in 2000,

• Drug use among teens has decreased significantly

• Teen crime has dropped significantly

• Alcohol use has declined

• Tobacco use has declined

• Teen pregnancy/abortion has declined

All of these were problems on Orcas in the 1990s. Looking for a solution was what led to the creation of the Funhouse Commons– and it works.

The Funhouse Commons provides the Orcas Island community with a safe place for kids to hang out, learn, play and explore their creativity year-round.

In 2011 our board and staff  determined that we should expand our role in the community by opening up our facility, our resources and our programs to everyone. We are doing this by making changes to our facility to create space that is flexible, useful and efficient. We have always offered a wide range of classes to teens and adults in the evenings, and we have toddler programs during the day-time. We intend to expand our efforts in this area.

The Funhouse Commons is a public 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, generously supported by the donations and grants. We are also supported by an army of volunteers from every walk of life and every part of our amazing community, without whom we couldn’t function.

We are always looking for more support. For further information on volunteering or making a donation, please click on the contacts link below.

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