Exhibits & Activities

World Map

world_mapThe nations on our world map are marked by fiber optic lights that brighten when the nation is being referred to in one of the 20 audio reports that convey a full range fascinating facts about our world. See where the four primary languages on Earth are spoken, in which countries are the people most vain, where the most devastating natural and man-made disasters have occurred and much more!


brainteaserslHere you have a series of tricks, devices and gadgets designed to challenge your mind. For example, why does a 32″ rectangular diameter contain 64 square inches when it’s configured 8″x 8″ but only 15 square inches when it’s configured 1″x 15″? Shouldn’t a fixed diameter always hold the same amount of space? Try out some of our conundrums out but be careful not to hurt yourself!

Wooden Kinetic Sculptures

rhapaniThe Funhouse features two separate sculptures by the genius kinetic artist, David Roy. Using no electricity and just a simple, wind-able repeater spring, Roy’s creations run for hours in most fascinating patterns. Come and see if you can figure out how it works!

Check out the designer’s website: Wood that Works

Visit George Rhoads’ website

Frozen Shadow Room

Frozen shadowHere we have technology in service of delight! Stand (or leap or pose) in front of a phosphorescent wall and “capture” your shadow with the single flash of a strobe light. Time your jump just right and you’ll appear to be flying!

Production Room

Featuring a fully outfitted audio recording studio, the Production Room is set up for classes in mixing and mastering your own tunes. No time for a class? No problem – there is much fun to be had perfecting your skills on the guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, or bass! You’ll sound just like a rock star!

Arts and Crafts Yurt

Let your creative side break free in our own fantastic art haven (yurt size!) With a cabinet full of fun paint, feathers, stencils, markers, goggly eyes, yarn, beads, and so much more, artists of any age are sure to enjoy! WARNING: those who never knew they had a creative side may just find themselves inspired and surprised at the masterpieces even they can make!

Rokenbok Remote Control Cars

Rokenbok brings together the best of construction toys and radio control vehicles. Build your own roads, bridges and garages – then drive the various cars, sweepers, speedsters, or bulldozers over, around and through your structure.