Funhouse Commons Announces $32k Annual College Scholarship!

The Funhouse Commons is honored to announce the Henigson Public School Student Fund (HPSSF) College Scholarship Program.

As part of our education programming, and on behalf of Bob and Phyllis Henigson, the Funhouse Commons will be awarding an annual scholarship of up to $32,000 to one graduate of Orcas Island High School.

The program was created in partnership with the Henigson Public School Student Fund, or HPSSF, which through the Funhouse Commons has been providing online classes, SAT Test Prep and College Counseling to Orcas High School for several years.

The program will be structured so that the grantee will be awarded $8,000 per year for four years, subject to specific enrollment and performance standards; the HPSSF has committed to award one grant per year for five years.

The award will be granted based in part on the following: Academic Performance, community service/engagement, years of enrollment in the Orcas Island School District, participation in HPSSF/Funhouse Commons programs.

Above all, the successful candidate will be judged by a selection committee to exhibit determination. In the words of Bob Henigson, the student selected will “demonstrate real motivation to receive a higher degree.”

Special recognition will be awarded to students who have shown real drive and determination in their lives; hard work in athletics, arts, or hobbies.

Download scholarship application and details here: Application 2015 Due May 1st.